Here is a list of some features that you will get to enjoy in the game.

Dynamic Characters

shaelon portrait smileWhile I am hoping to deliver an enjoyable game in many aspects, Jubilee Royale’s biggest focus is on its cast of characters, especially the eight party members. Because of the influences that they have on each other, they all wind up as different people than they were at the start of their journey. This focus on relationships ties into the Team Technique and Downtime systems explained later on this page.

Unique Graphics and Music

jubilee royale main menuAll party members and major characters have original portraits with a wide variety of expressions. Default RMVX Ace assets have been kept to a bare minimum (ie. the occasional tile). Tiles come from both DLC packs and free community resources. On the occasions when RTP tiles are used, custom edits are often applied to them. Most areas in the game are parallax mapped to ensure that they look detailed, natural, and distinct. Menus are fully customized using Luna Engine.

This game will also feature an original composition for its main theme. Other tracks are purchased or royalty-free music.

Strategic Turn-Based Battles

With a turn-based rather than active time battle system, you’ll have plenty of time to think over the moves you make. Enemy encounters will also be fewer in number, but tougher to win – no pushover enemies every ten steps! Party members will cover a wide range of battle roles, allowing you to change up your strategies depending on the situation.

Team Technique System

Team Techniques are co-op attacks which involve at least two members of the party. They are more powerful than regular attacks and can give you the upper hand during tough battles. The downside is that all characters involved will be occupied for that turn, so they won’t be able to use any solo moves. Think carefully about whether or not it’s worth giving up multiple characters’ moves for that turn to unleash a powerful attack!

Team Techniques are unlocked as the characters become closer to one another, either by progressing through the story, completing sidequests, or viewing enough Downtime conversations between them. (Downtime is explained lower on this page.)

Equipment Crafting

Since Vera is a capable blacksmith’s apprentice, she has the ability to craft weapons, armour, and accessories for your party. In order to craft, she will need three things: materials, skill, and access to a blacksmith’s tools.

Materials for crafting can be found while exploring, from defeating enemies, or by purchasing them from merchants.

Skill is gained each time Vera forges a new item. Since she likes to get creative, she doesn’t need any schematics from you, just the ability to pull off whatever she envisions. She has different skill levels in weapon, armour, and accessory crafting. When you craft an item in one of those three categories, her skill level in it will raise, allowing her to create more powerful equipment next time.

Access to tools can be gained by different methods. Since Vera obviously cannot travel around with a full workshop, she will need to ask permission from a local blacksmith to use their tools for some time. A few of them are kind enough to let her use them for free, but most will want compensation. Vera’s options are either to pay the fee, or to knock the blacksmith out cold and use their tools for free! If you attack the blacksmith, they will never let you set foot inside their shop again. Don’t use this option carelessly, or else you could lock yourself out of the ability to craft new equipment until you reach the next town. There may also be some other hidden consequences to this choice.

Potion Crafting

In the midst of battle, Shaelon can quickly enchant healing potions at a moment’s notice, with no ingredients necessary. However, those potions are instant-use; your party members drink them right away before the magic dissipates. If you want him to brew potions that will actually last inside your bag, he will have to spend a longer time enchanting them outside of battle, and also use a few ingredients to help preserve their magical effects over time.

Shaelon doesn’t have the time to figure out new cures for you, but if you can tell him exactly what to do, then he can easily follow your directions. That’s why, unlike Vera, he doesn’t have any sort of crafting skill level that you need to raise, but he does require a recipe to craft long-lasting potions. As with Vera, ingredients can be found through exploration, combat, and shopping, as can recipes. Since his hat transforms into a cauldron, he can brew potions for you in almost any non-combat area; he doesn’t need access to a special workshop to get crafting.


There are special tiles scattered all around Almance that the player can interact with to initiate Downtime. This will play out a conversation between two characters, giving you greater insight into their relationship at that point in the story. In some cases, viewing enough Downtime conversations between two particular characters can unlock a new Team Technique; other bonuses will likely be added later in development. This feature is optional, so you can decide for yourself if you want to learn more about the characters or simply get on with the game.

Please note that this is not a dating sim system. It’s closer to something like Skits in the Tales series or Party Chat in Bravely Default, but with more gameplay benefits, and the conversations display like a cutscene on the actual map.