Here is a list of the people and services that have made Jubilee Royale possible!

Jubilee Royale uses the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. The writing, artwork, human character sprites, mapping, eventing, databasing, and a handful of music tracks are handled by me. Some custom edits have been applied to the tiles and windowskin, but neither were made from scratch.

Logo: Online Logo Maker, TypeSETit

Music and Sound Effects: Aaron Krogh, DeepFrozenApps, Enterbrain, KevanGC, Lebcraftlp, Mark DiAngelo

Scripts: Archeia, Casper Gaming, DoubleX, Maker Systems – RPG Maker Source, Modern Algebra, Moghunter, Mr. Bubble, Mr. Trivel, NeonBlack, Rhyme, Tsukihime, Wyrelade, Yami, Yanfly

Tiles and Character Sprites: Alisa Tana, AyeneChan, Benben, Celianna, Cocodoco, Dezz123, Enterbrain, GrandmaDeb, Ksi, Loose Leaf, Lunarea, Mack, Nekura, PVGames, RavenTDA, Sherman3D, VenereMarte

Title Screen: Background vector designed by Freepik

Windowskin: Aindra, Woratana

This list is ever-expanding, since it reflects the current state of Jubilee Royale. It will be updated periodically as more resources are added to the game.