Jubilee Royale

Princess Cybil of Lyndith enjoys being royalty; after all, nobody denies the heir to the throne what she wants, when she wants it. Unfortunately, her lavish lifestyle is ripped away from her the day that Cassius Dromir, an enigmatic cult leader, uses an ancient spell to transport the Lyndish capital to an alternate plane of reality!

Having escaped the spell, Cybil is left behind in the real world, where life goes on as if Lyndith had never been founded. Now she must do whatever it takes to restore her kingdom without invoking her royal status. Good thing she gets help from the savvy and sarcastic blacksmith Vera, who seems to know Dromir – and really wants him dead.

If only sharing a mutual goal of taking him down meant that these two could get along…

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Release Date: TBD (Demo Arriving in 2018)

Type of Game: Turn-based RPG

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Drama

Rating: Tentatively rated 16+ for blood and violence, sexual references, strong language, use of alcohol, and heavy themes. While it overall leans more toward comedy than drama, there are a few disturbing segments that might not be suitable for younger players.

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