Four Eyes

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The demo of this project was developed for Yaoi Game Jam 2016.

Jett Sherazi is captain of the Nightingale, which – despite the fancy name – is an ordinary cargo spaceship. During a not-so-routine mission to deliver supplies for the human navy, Jett finds an alien named Toa hiding in the Nightingale’s cargo hold – and aliens are at war with humans! He pursues Toa into a nearby escape shuttle…which they accidentally launch and crash-land on a nearby planet. Great.

Unable to bring himself to hurt Toa, Jett reluctantly decides to travel with the stowaway until they can find a way to get back up in space. As they explore the wilderness together, Jett discovers that his tranquil companion isn’t so different from a human after all. But why did Toa sneak onboard the Nightingale…?

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Release Date: February 14, 2017

Type of Game: Adventure, Puzzle

Genres: Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy

Rating: 13+ for blood, non-graphic gun usage, suggestive humour, mild language, and references to alcohol.

Four Eyes makes use of many free and purchased resources, especially in the way of tilesets and scripts. The credits page contains a list of the individuals whose talents have made this game possible.


jett profiletoa profile2irene profile


  • Investigate your surroundings and solve puzzles as Jett comes to understand his new companion
  • Swap between characters to clear obstacles. Jett can repair machinery and Toa can move heavy objects with his telekinesis
  • Fun dialogue and a silly, lighthearted atmosphere
  • Original artwork and character sprites
  • Short and sweet, so it won’t take you ages to finish!
  • Unique sci-fi environments
  • Two possible endings – one normal, one secret!