When will [game] be released?

If there’s no release date listed under the project’s logo on my Games page, then I haven’t decided yet. I can give you my best guess, but those have a history of being wrong, so…

Do you have any updates on [game]?

For the most frequent updates on my games, you should check out my Twitter – I post there a lot. Just be warned that sometimes my tweets are silly and unrelated. You can also check out my Tumblr or follow this WordPress blog, but those are typically slower to update.

I like to work at my own pace and post about my progress when I’m ready, so if I’ve been dormant on all of those sites, then please be patient with me! Life probably got hectic for me in some way – I *am* a full-time university student, after all.

Will you make Mac compatible versions of Four Eyes and Jubilee Royale?

I’m so sorry, but unfortunately RPG Maker VX Ace projects are not Mac compatible, and I’ve chosen not to upgrade to RPG Maker MV yet for a handful of reasons.

The good news is that there are workarounds out there to get VX Ace games to run on Mac. Maybe this tutorial will work, but as I’m a Windows user, I haven’t personally tested it. If it doesn’t, it seems like there are other solutions if you Google around!

What’s the solution to this puzzle / how do I get the secret ending in Four Eyes?

The walkthrough might have the answer for you! You can download the PDF from itch.io or Gamejolt. If it doesn’t help, go ahead and send me a message.

Does Four Eyes have combat?

No. Even though it’s made in RPG Maker, it’s an adventure/puzzle game, not an RPG.

Can I translate Four Eyes into another language?

Absolutely! Let me know if you do – I would love to know the languages in which the game is being made available.

Will you make a sequel to Four Eyes?

Maybe! 🙂 I’m really flattered that people would like to see one. It’s not necessarily a priority right now, though – there are other projects, like Jubilee Royale, that I’d like to get some more work done on first.

Who is doing the art for the game? / Did you make the tiles? / Any other question about whether or not I made an asset.

Some things (like the art) are by me, whereas other things (like the tiles) are not. Please consult the each game’s Credits page for a full list of who made what. You’re welcome to ask me who made a specific asset, but if you’re just wondering whether or not I handled a certain category of the assets myself, then the answer is already there for you in the credits!

How tall are the Four Eyes characters?

Jett: 5’9″
Toa: 6’0″
Irene: 5’3″

If you don’t like these heights then feel free to interpret them differently. I’m not exactly picky about this, haha.

Where does the screen name “Whiona” come from?

When I was little, I loved Winona from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, but I didn’t know how to spell her name properly. I signed up for a bunch of sites with that name and it just kind of stuck, even after I learned how to actually spell Winona. 🙂