Four Eyes: Attack of the Clones (and other beautiful glitches)

I thought I’d do a fun/silly blog entry this time about some of my favourite glitches discovered while my playtesters and I went through the Four Eyes full version beta. There are some screenshots ahead, so I’m going to pop this entry under a cut to avoid spoiling anyone who hasn’t played it yet!

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On Choices and Multiple Endings

This is another one of those rambly blog entries about game development that doesn’t involve any actual updates to my games or the site. If you’re not interested in that, feel free to safely ignore it.

Recently, I’ve been replaying the Mass Effect series, surprising absolutely no one who knows me personally. It’s my favourite game series ever, and based on how many times I’ve played through it, I really should have explored every possible avenue by now, but I tend to make more-or-less the same decisions each time. Granted, that’s partially due to the truly horrible nature of many Renegade choices, but even with tiny choices like how to solve a certain ME1 sidequest, I repeat my decisions over and over. I thought about why that is, and I think I may have come to an answer.

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Change of Plans

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I often make impulsive decisions without fully thinking them through, and participating in Yuri Jam was one of those decisions. Granted, I thought I’d be done the full version of Four Eyes by now and my schedule would be clear, but I also realized that I just want to get back to work on Jubilee Royale as my main project as soon as possible. Because of that, and the fact that 4E is (sigh) still not finished, I won’t be doing Yuri Jam after all. I feel kind of silly for backing out after I dedicated a whole blog post to joining it and everything, but I guess that’ll teach me not to blog about my random impulses.

I did brainstorm a plot and design characters for my Yuri Jam game idea, which I don’t plan to discard entirely. I’m going to tuck them away for another game jam, or for the next time I get sick of working on JR exclusively. Three projects is just way too much, and I ought to have listened to the people who told me that in the first place. Oh well!

Now, onto the stuff that you likely want to hear: recent Four Eyes progress! Here’s the main stuff that I’ve done since the beginning of the month:

  • Designing and eventing the steps necessary to achieve the secret ending
  • Endgame cutscene eventing
  • NPC dialogue and eventing
  • CG art – as it stands, an endgame cutscene I’m working on just has some colouring left to go
  • Minor fixes, like repositioning Irene’s bust in some events

I had hoped to get more done this month, since I thought I’d have a lot of free time, but this has turned out to be my busiest September yet. Three major assignments and a trip out of town for my BF and I’s anniversary occupied a lot of my time. And now I’m sick…I should just accept at this point that life never slows down and I’ll always be busy. (Am I making sense? I’m kind of in a daze from these cold meds and I can’t tell.)

I’ve done some writing for Jubilee Royale this month, too, including both main cutscenes and Downtime events. I think I’m starting to get more comfortable with Aajia’s voice, and Vera is as fun to write as ever. Dromir is still kind of tricky to nail down…his dialogue needs a bit of revision, haha.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures to show this time around, by the way! We’re getting into spoilery territory, particularly with Four Eyes, so as much as I’d love to show some more screenshots, I kinda can’t. I realize that text-only posts are a little boring, so I’ll try to work on some more spoiler-free things to show off next time.

I’m Breaking My Own Rule

For the longest time, I’ve told myself that I’m only going to focus on one game at a time. (I know you can probably tell where this is going and you’re groaning already. All I have to say is that I’m sorry.) As a solo developer, it’s way too much to focus on more than one big project at a time – and that’s certainly not what I’m going to do.

…But a small side project might kinda sorta be happening for Yaoi Game Jam, starting tomorrow.

I know, I’m already being overly ambitious with Jubilee Royale and this only adds more to my plate, but it isn’t something I decided overnight. I’ve been thinking about joining a game jam for a long time, and for various reasons.

  1. It’ll be great for my reputation if I have a finished game out there, even if it’s a small one, because it’ll demonstrate to others that I can stick to my commitments and see a project through to the end. Jubilee Royale is a full-length RPG, so it’s likely going to take me several more years to completely finish it. Unless I put out a short project before that, why should anyone feel confident that I’ll complete JR?
  2. I’ll get to work on the polishing and publishing aspects of game development, with which I have little experience. (I spoke to a couple of devs with pro experience, and they recommended that I do a game jam before releasing a big project for this reason.)
  3. I am honestly really nervous about publishing the JR demo when that time comes, since I’ve never publicly released a game before. If this project doesn’t turn out to be total crap, then I’m hoping that will give me a confidence boost.

This game jam in particular is a good one for me to join since it’s a little more generous with the time frame. Two months should be enough for me to put out a short, simple game without totally putting JR on hold. It’s only meant to be a side project, after all – I still want time to work on JR over the next couple of months.

As for what the currently-unnamed project is? It’s an adventure game set in the future about a spaceship captain and a sleepy alien who crash-land on an uninhabited planet. Aliens and humans are at war, but they’ll have to set their differences aside and work together in order to find help and get back up in space. It won’t be as fancy as JR or have as many features, nor will it include any combat. It’ll be a short and sweet experience, hopefully with some fun dialogue and character designs for you to enjoy, plus a little exploration and puzzle-solving. 🙂

So, let’s hope I’ll be able to pull this off and you’ll get to play an actual game from me by July 31st! Until then, I’ll keep updating this blog with progress I make on both that and Jubilee Royale – expect an update on one of the two sometime next week. I still haven’t decided on an update schedule, though…oh well.