Hi! I’m Whiona, and Opal Starlight is my one-woman indie game “studio” of sorts. My goal is to deliver fun story-driven games with memorable characters, colourful artwork, and atmospheric environments. I especially love to tell stories with elements of romance, comedy, and fantasy or sci-fi. I also aim to tell inclusive stories, with a particular focus on LGBTQ positivity!

Opal Starlight was created in 2015, although I’ve been developing games for a while before that, beginning with middle school computer camps. After making a few short games for friends or for my own amusement, I decided to try working on projects that I intend to actually release. This hobby is a lot of fun for me because it combines so many of my passions – I love writing, drawing, working with computers, and of course, video games! Right now I primarily work with RPG Maker and Twine, but I also have experience with Ren’Py and Game Maker.

About Opal

Opal Starlight has a probably-unnecessary-but-certainly-adorable mascot! Her name is Opal, naturally, and she was designed by my dear friend Chey. A princess born from the remains of a dead star, she has magic powers which allow her to travel through space unharmed at high speeds. Her favourite thing to do is tell stories; she can create shapes in the air made of golden stardust, which she uses to illustrate what’s happening in the story. She travels from planet to planet, sharing the tales she’s made up to put a smile on people’s faces.

About Me

Wait, you want to know about me? As a human being? Well, I’m a Canadian master’s student with a BA in Creative Writing and English. I fell in love with Pokémon Blue Version when I was in kindergarten and video games have been a huge part of my life ever since. Some other interests of mine include indie rock, EDM, astronomy, YA literature, and funny-looking birds. If you’d like to find me elsewhere on the internet, you can check out my personal webpage! (Oh, and be sure to check out my boyfriend’s games, yeah?)