Hi! I’m Whiona, and Opal Starlight is my one-woman indie game “studio” of sorts. I hope to deliver fun, story-driven games with memorable characters, colourful artwork, and atmospheric environments. I especially love to tell stories with elements of romance, comedy, and fantasy or sci-fi.

Opal Starlight was created in 2015, although I’ve been developing games for a while before that, beginning with middle school computer camps. After making a few short games for friends or for my own amusement, I decided to try working on projects that I intend to actually release. This hobby is a lot of fun for me because it combines so many of my passions – I love writing, drawing, working with computers, and of course, video games! Right now I primarily work with RPG Maker, but I also have experience with Ren’Py, Game Maker, and Twine.

As for my personal information, I’m a Canadian master’s student with a BA in Creative Writing and English. I fell in love with Pokémon Blue Version when I was in kindergarten and video games have been a huge part of my life ever since. Some other interests of mine include indie rock, EDM, astronomy, YA literature, and funny-looking birds. If you’d like to find me elsewhere on the internet, you can check out my personal webpage!