I Swear I’m Alive

So, I recognize that I’ve been rather quiet over the past month or so on all platforms. Normally I’d apologize for that kind of thing, but…well, this time I think it was justified, so I’ll resist the urge. I’ve been finishing up my undergraduate degree and wrote a ton of both creative and academic pieces. I also got into a master’s program, had one of my pieces published in a student literary magazine, and put together a portfolio! That was all pretty awesome and boosted my confidence a lot. It’s been a very good month for me personally, even if I’ve also been super busy. 🙂

Things are calming down now, though – I only have two exams left – so I’m back to work with game development! Vera’s sprite isn’t quite done yet, unfortunately, but it has at least been started. I also revamped and finished the town of Ivanport, which has a blue and red colour scheme that can be seen both indoors and outdoors. The old version had quite eye-hurting tiles, but I think that the new ones look much nicer. I had a ton of fun designing it! Here are some examples:

On the Four Eyes end of things, I’ve received some beautiful new fanart and even fanfiction by PowerBurger! Here’s a sampling of the amazing art people have shown me:

By Kerotamaftw (featuring characters from Nami’s her tears were my light in the second image!)


By Konoi


By Hirschlein


By Cheyenne Victory

I’ve started a Deviantart collection and a Tumblr tag to collect the fan creations that people have made. Thank you so much for your wonderful tributes to Four Eyes – and even Jubilee Royale, too!! I love each and every one of them, and I save them all on my computer to look at when I need motivation. ❤ Be sure to check them out and follow those super-talented artists! There’s also been some lovely fanart that’s only on Twitter, such as Mimironi’s drawing and Yoyo’s pixels! Thank you!!

I nearly apologized for the brevity of this update and then remembered I wasn’t going to do that this time. (The Canadian instincts are strong…) Next time I hope to have more to show you guys, since school won’t be getting in the way as much!


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