Cybil’s New Looks

Woah, it’s a Jubilee Royale blog post! I haven’t written one of these in a while. It feels good to be back on my main project. 🙂

A few of the last JR screenshots I’ve posted here, as well as on Twitter and Tumblr, have featured a WIP sprite of Cybil, made with the custom sprite base I created for Four Eyes. I’ve finally gone and finished that up, and I’m quite happy with how it looks!


My favourite thing about it is that her cowlick bounces when you walk. I was too lazy to make a GIF to show this, though, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

To ease my way back into JR development, I’ve made a few new expressions for Cybil’s portrait and little events around the castle. It was fun to use these objects to insert optional lore and explore different sides of Cybil’s personality! She may act like a conceited brat, but she can be a bit sensitive at times.

If you do want to, you actually can play a little tune on the piano. Cybil needs to get to the throne room, though, so her parents might have something to say about it if she dilly-dallies! (There won’t be any actual consequences, don’t worry – just a slight dialogue change.)

As for something less Cybil-centric, a while ago I also mapped a little seaside Flaucinian town. Here’s a peek at that! And yes, the houses will eventually have doors. I’m getting to it.


My general plan from now on is to slowly move through the game from the beginning, revamping things here and there based on lessons I’ve learned through working on Four Eyes. I’m not going to do all the sprites, art, maps, events, etc. at once in chunks, because when I did that for 4E, I got really bored and frustrated. I hope that by completing a variety of tasks to make the game playable bit by bit, I won’t get as burned out with JR!

Hopefully Vera and Shaelon will have some sprite makeovers I can show you guys next time. Until then, take care!


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