Four Eyes: Attack of the Clones (and other beautiful glitches)

I thought I’d do a fun/silly blog entry this time about some of my favourite glitches discovered while my playtesters and I went through the Four Eyes full version beta. There are some screenshots ahead, so I’m going to pop this entry under a cut to avoid spoiling anyone who hasn’t played it yet!

So first, I guess I’ll explain the post title. Since the demo of Four Eyes, Toa has had a cloning problem. You may or may not remember the Toa selfcest glitch, which I of course fixed immediately, even though a small part of me didn’t want to because that’s the best glitch ever. Well, he was back at it again in the full version – many times, as you can see above. I don’t know why this was such a Toa-specific problem, but I love it. In the second screenshot, my playtesters thought it looked like Toa was apologizing to his clone because he was about to kill it. There can be only one…


Near…far…wherever you are… (ft. floating rock)

I put more effort into this joke than I should have considering the overall quality of this post.

Whenever Jett could walk anywhere that he shouldn’t be able to, my playtesters would write in the glitch reporting doc, “I do it anyway because I’m baller.” It was kind of a fun running joke because, as it turned out, many people were baller. (AKA, I suck at finding collision glitches on my own.)

Toa brazenly walked on this machine but refused to disturb the grass. Priorities!


I don’t even have a clever caption for what’s going on here. All I felt when I saw this was a strong desire to shut my laptop and go to bed.

Finally, I don’t have a screenshot of this glitch, but it’s definitely worthy of discussion: the deadly D. This is a really good name that I’m certain I won’t regret at any point in the future.

When I sent off the beta to my lovely friend Christiane, things went fine for a while, but then she was suddenly teleported to the part halfway through the game when Toa jumps the lasers behind the waterfall. After that, Jett just disappeared and the whole game crashed. She documented it via Snapchats that I wish I had screenshotted, but I was kind of crapping my pants while trying to find out what the hell caused the issue, so I was a little preoccupied.

I couldn’t replicate the glitch, but then Christiane figured it out: instead of pressing the S key to swap characters, she accidentally hit D. That was when I knew exactly what the problem was. A few months back, I was working on a journal system that the player could pull up by hitting the D key. It worked via a line in one of my installed scripts that linked this key to common event #8 in the game’s database, which told the game to pull up the journal. Well, I eventually ditched the journal and wiped common event #8…which I reused when I made the laser jumping event, completely forgetting that it was still linked to the D key. That’s how a single line of code could destroy the game if your finger slipped. I am a Good Developer.

Anyway, that’s all the funniest stuff I got. At least, I thought it was funny. If this post just bored you then I’m really sorry, because that’s all I got this time around. Half of why I wrote this was to mask the fact that I’ve been slacking since Valentine’s Day and don’t have any substantial Jubilee Royale updates to share. So, uh.

That’s all for this entry! See you next time, hopefully with some actual quality content.


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