4E v1.0.1 and Full Guide!

It’s been a whole week since release! I will have a lot of sappy words to say about that soon, but first, let’s cover the news-y stuff.

I sent out an updated version of the game last night at ass o’ clock in the morning, which includes a few minor fixes. I’m actually astounded that these were the only issues people had. I guess it goes to show how thorough my lovely playtesters were! (Or maybe how rushed my initial demo release was. Either one. In my defense, it was a game jam…) Here are the changes in v1.0.1:

  • An error where Toa’s name was displayed instead of Jett’s was fixed
  • The text sound effect volume was lowered slightly
  • A confusing line of dialogue was clarified

The updated version of the game is available on itch.io, GameJolt, IndieDB, and RPGMaker.net.

More importantly for those of you who want to get the secret ending – or just got really stuck – I finished a full walkthrough of the game! You can read it right here on good ol’ Google Docs. I hope it’s helpful, and be sure to let me know if anything is confusing or inaccurate.

Now onto me being a mess of tears and gratitude, as usual. So, WOW. I’m really blown away by how sweet people have been after the release of the full version. Some of the comments I received really got to me – as a writer since childhood, it means so much to me to know that something I created actually affected people emotionally. I couldn’t ask for more, so thank you to everyone who left their feedback! I also received some helpful concrit from folks – you guys rock too. I love getting feedback that’ll help me improve.  🙂

What especially astounded me was that people wanted to donate to me. One person requested that I turn on itch.io’s pay-what-you-want feature so that they could leave me a tip, for which I was incredibly grateful. I didn’t think anybody else would use it, but then people…actually did?! I’m just happy that people are playing and enjoying something I created. I can’t believe people think it’s a game worth throwing money at me for, and I’m just…wow. WOWWW. That’s about the only word left in my vocabulary. (To clarify, though, Four Eyes is and always will be a free game. I only turned on PWYW as a completely optional means of donating to me.)

A lot more people have downloaded the game than I expected, too. I was flipping out a bit on Twitter about it, but I’ve realized that I should probably stop posting exact download numbers…maybe it comes across as a bit crass. I’m honestly just excited, because this has been my dream for a long time and…yeah, okay, I’ll stop all of that, because it’s probably getting annoying and repetitive.

Anyway, what I really want to say is just THANK YOU! There have been people sending me messages and comments saying they’d like me to make more games, and I absolutely will. Jubilee Royale is going to be my focus again now that this game is FINALLY out of the way. (Don’t read through all my old blog posts where I promised 4E would be done months ago. It’s embarrassing.) I’ll work hard to make it as fun and adorable of a game as possible!!!


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