Jubilee Royale Soundtrack Changes

I plan to have a new blog post up about my recent progress on Four Eyes within the next few days. Before that, though, I wanted to discuss some changes I’ve decided to make to the Jubilee Royale soundtrack – note that I omitted the word “original” there. Save for the main theme (Tea in the Garden) and maybe a battle theme, I’ve decided that I’ll no longer be composing an original soundtrack for JR.

I know that certain people had enjoyed Tea in the Garden when I posted many months ago and were looking forward to hearing more compositions from me. I’m really flattered that they enjoyed my piece so much in the first place, but I think that this is what’s best for me and my game. Composing even a single song takes a long time. On top of everything else I’m doing for Jubilee Royale – from the writing to the eventing to the battles to the artwork to the spriting to the mapping to the…okay, you get the picture – a decently-sized OST would be far too much work on my behalf. Composing is fun and all, but it’s hardly my life calling, and let’s be honest here: I am no genius composer. I’m competent enough to write a track, but I won’t be winning any Grammies. I could spend all the time necessary to get really good at it, sure…but would it be worth it when I have so many lovely tracks stockpiled from resource packs I’ve purchased over the years? I could use that time to improve upon my writing and art instead, which are more important to me in the long run.

I had this idea in my head that if I can do something myself, then I should, which is why I decided to compose a sizeable JR OST in the first place. The time constraints placed upon me during Yaoi Jam forced me to forgo composing any tracks for Four Eyes, and I thought I would end up feeling upset about it – but I actually wasn’t in the slightest. I ended up loving the pieces I chose (many thanks to those talented composers!) and I think that some of them were an absolutely perfect fit for the areas they accompanied, namely the Nightingale and the first area Jett and Toa explore on the planet. Players also responded positively to the music in their feedback for me and felt that it fit the areas well.

The main thing that I had always wanted for Jubilee Royale in terms of music was a main theme. I’ve already written one, and I’m content with how it turned out – it sounds like it did in my head all the years that I imagined it. I’ll write a few more variations on it for use in different situations throughout the game; that way there will be one (hopefully memorable) track 100% original to JR that players can associate with the game. As long as I have that, I’m happy to use pieces that have been written by more experienced composers for the rest of it.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough at this point. See you soon with some Four Eyes progress!


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