Four Eyes Full Version News (also, Jubilee Royale Still Exists)

Hi again! I hope you lovely people reading this are doing well.

As it stands, the Four Eyes demo is sitting at over 240 downloads. Many people have contacted me to leave their feedback, and there are even a couple more Let’s Plays floating around. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so much! ❤ This is all turning out the way I daydreamed it would, but never dared to think would actually happen. I feel like this experience has also done wonders for my confidence, too – I am a lot less scared to share my work on Jubilee Royale now!

I had said in a previous blog post that the full version of Four Eyes would be available within a few weeks of the demo’s release, but it’s unfortunately becoming clear to me now that it’ll be a little longer, for a handful of reasons:

  1. My workplace is understaffed right now, so I’m getting called in almost every day
  2. The new school year is quickly approaching, which means I have lots of shopping, packing, and other preparations to do
  3. I’m honestly feeling a bit burnt out, due to both the above reasons and the fact that I worked on 4E nonstop for two months straight

It will definitely be a Fall 2016 release, and I’m really hoping I can get it done in September. It’ll all depend on how school goes. I shouldn’t have that much to do in the first couple of weeks, but who knows what’ll happen. I’m so sorry to keep pushing things back like this, and I promise I’ll do my best to get it done quickly! (I’m starting to understand why big game companies always seem to do this…it’s easy to be incredibly optimistic about how quickly you can finish a game.)

I also realize that I haven’t updated Jubilee Royale in quite a while. (Remember when I said I’d keep working on it alongside 4E during Yaoi Jam? LOL. That was a good one.) I’ve learned a lot from my work on Four Eyes, and I’m definitely applying those lessons to JR.

One change in JR that you’ll see as a result of my work on 4E is in the maps. In order to save myself time during Yaoi Jam, the vast majority of maps were made with the RPG Maker editor rather than parallax mapping. What I learned from this is that the RM map editor is actually capable of making nicer maps than you’d think, with less time and hassle. The main reason why I had been parallaxing was to recolour tiles, but it was a piece of cake to duplicate a tileset, recolour the tiles I need in Photoshop, and then use that with the default map editor.

With that said, here’s a new map for Jubilee Royale that I’m quite proud of, no parallaxing necessary (plus broken up into smaller pieces because, uh, it’s pretty huge):

That’s not to say that there will be no parallax maps in JR! There are definitely times when they’re the ideal solution. I just won’t be using them as my default mapping method anymore; I’ll only parallax when I think it’ll be worth the extra time and effort necessary. This will help me release the game faster, and I promise it’ll still look pretty. 🙂

By saving time in the mapping department, that’ll also give me the freedom to put more effort into spriting. I had a lot of fun creating original sprites from scratch for Four Eyes, and I think that they helped to visually distinguish the game from other RPG Maker titles, even though I wasn’t using any original tiles. I’ve decided that I’ll go the same route with Jubilee Royale, because even though it takes some extra time, the payoff is worth it.

That’s basically it for this update. Somehow, I think I’ll actually have more time to work once I move back to university in September, since the assignments won’t start piling up until a few weeks in. Until then, I just have a few more shifts to go, and I’ll try my best to get some game dev done in between them!


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