Four Eyes Demo Update – Bug Fixes and Puzzle Improvements

Based on the first round of player feedback, I’ve released an updated demo (downloadable on that fixes a few issues:

  • The first puzzle was altered to be a bit simpler and has a different solution
  • Missing character busts have been added to some lines of dialogue
  • The rock puzzle in the second cave no longer resets after you’ve successfully reached the teleporters for the first time
  • Jett can no longer walk on the top wall of the Nightingale’s bridge
  • More nudges were added regarding where the player should go next
  • Confusing wording about the mineral-examining machine was removed and now both halves of the machine have the same function
  • Toa selfcest is no longer possible – which I’m almost a little bit sad about, because that was goddamn hilarious

Thanks to all for their patience and understanding regarding these issues! Because I was cutting it so close to the Yaoi Jam deadline, I didn’t have time to playtest with a large group of people, so a lot more bugs than I expected slipped through the cracks. I also ended up making some of the puzzles too hard because I was worried about holding the player’s hand and went too far in the opposite direction. Hopefully the new version is more polished and intuitive! Once again, feel free to share any feedback that you may have.

There were a few issues that folks had with aspects of the story and visuals (mainly mapping) as well. Don’t worry, I’ve heard what you guys have to say – I just won’t be implementing any major changes in those areas until the full version of the game is released. This is because the story and mapping are subject to be reworked over and over until I’m finally happy with them, so it’d be a waste of time for me to constantly update the demo with these changes. I’ll only be updating it to fix bugs and improve playability.

I’ve also received some more super-cool fanart from super-cool people. Thanks so, so much for your lovely drawings!!

irene by lara

Irene by Lara


Jett, Toa, and Irene by Cheyenne (click here to see the animated version!)


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