Nearly there…

Hey there! Just wanted to give a general update on my progress, since it’s been a while.

Overall, Four Eyes is nearing completion. I’m currently partway through eventing the last major segment. After I’ve wrapped that up, I’ll have the following tasks left:

  • Adding the epilogue and credits
  • Drawing a couple more expressions for the main characters and adding those busts to the dialogue
  • Making one more character sprite
  • Revising some of the dialogue
  • Fixing all the little bugs that have popped up during playtesting

Now, you may be thinking that this is a lot to accomplish by Sunday, July 31st. The good news is that Yaoi Jam was actually extended by a week, which is why I’ll (HOPEFULLY) be able to finish all of this on time. I won’t be able to use the full extra week, since I’m leaving for a short trip on Friday, August 5th, so the game’s updated release date will now most likely be Thursday, August 4th. Sorry to make you wait a few extra days! I think it’ll be worth it for a more polished product, though.

There are also a couple of non-essential but nice features that I’ll be adding only if I have time: a hint system and an extra CG. They’re not necessary for the game to be considered complete, but I would really like to have them. If I don’t finish them by next week, then I’ll probably just release the game as-is and update it with these features as soon as I can when I return from my trip. I’ll let you know what I managed to accomplish when I release version 1.0 of Four Eyes, just in case I don’t get them done and you’d rather hold off on playing the game until I do. Right now, I feel like there’s a decent chance I’ll get the hint system done and a low chance I’ll get the CG done.

Thank you so, so much to all who have supported me so far! I’m beyond excited (and nervous) to release this thing in a week!!


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