The Beginnings of Four Eyes

We’re about nine days into Yaoi Jam now, and I wanted to share the progress I’ve made so far on my project, Four Eyes! I’m happy to say that things are coming along quite well and I’m having a blast working on it. Probably because, just like Jubilee Royale, it’s horrendously self-indulgent.

First off, I’ve drawn a main/promo/whatever-you-want-to-call-it artwork of the protagonists, Jett and Toa.

promo art w logo copy.png

I talked a little bit about the plot setup in my last post, but have a longer and better-written premise.

Jett Sherazi is captain of the Nightingale, which – despite the fancy name – is an ordinary cargo spaceship. During a not-so-routine mission to deliver supplies for the human navy, Jett finds an alien named Toa hiding in the Nightingale’s cargo hold – and aliens are at war with humans! He pursues Toa into a nearby escape shuttle…which they accidentally launch and crash-land on a nearby planet. Great.

Unable to bring himself to hurt Toa, Jett reluctantly decides to travel with the stowaway until they can find a way to get back up in space. As they explore the wilderness together, Jett discovers that his tranquil companion isn’t so different from a human after all. But why did Toa sneak onboard the Nightingale…?

I’ve also mapped the first of four main areas in the game, which is onboard the Nightingale. Only the bridge is parallaxed; the rest are traditionally mapped in order to save precious time. Here are a handful of screenies, though there’s still a bit of tweaking to do on some of them. (Don’t worry, the place is gonna have some doors soon!)

As for things I can’t really show you yet, the plot and characters are fully planned out, I’ve implemented a handful of key scripts, and I’ve laid down a base for the second main area of the game to be parallaxed in the coming week. I’d like to have all of the setup, graphics, and maps finished ASAP so that I can dedicate lots of time to eventing and playtesting.

On that note, I’ve decided against drawing half-body portraits for Four Eyes like I do for Jubilee Royale. While they look really nice and show off the characters’ designs better, they also take a really long time, and I’m working on a pretty tight schedule here. Instead, I’m doing small busts, and probably only for the three most important characters, unless I find myself with extra time on my hands. Sorry about that!

A very basic page has been set up for the project, but there isn’t much to see there that I haven’t told you about already. I also popped a countdown to the Yaoi Jam due date in the sidebar, to both motivate and scare myself into working.

Progress is still being made on Jubilee Royale, too, but I’ll talk about that in my next update for it. Aaaaaand that’s about it! As always, thanks so much for your interest in my projects. 🙂


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