Shout-Outs: Legacy of the World and Ad Lucem

Recently I tried and enjoyed two RPG Maker demos that I think deserve more attention than they’ve received so far. The people behind them are super-cool and have worked hard on their respective projects. If you’re an RPG fan, consider giving them a whirl and leaving some feedback for the devs!

Legacy of the World

In a fictional Earth, set over 1000 years in the future, technology appears to have regressed to a point of becoming scarce to non-existent. The story begins with a semi-retired mercenary named Kurtwood Okerson who lives in the little town of Oaksville. The day seems to be rather ordinary as he goes out to meet an old friend, but then he is given a message from the king of Elsnoire. He assumes it is just another call for work from the king, but upon his arrival to Elsnoire, he encounters a mysterious group of hooded individuals and is eventually wrapped into far bigger events than one could imagine. Events that could very well concern the entire world.

This demo has lovable characters who made me smile and challenging, varied boss fights. It also features a useful class-changing system, original facesets, enemy ambushes, and some seriously catchy battle themes. The combat was my favourite out of any RPG Maker game I’ve tried so far – you have to use all of your skills and classes effectively in order to win! The main storyline of the demo might take you 4-5 hours to beat.

Ad Lucem

The people of the world have long been united beneath the banner of a single faith – the Light of Bastianism, at the heart of which shines the Sacred Chalice, the source of all light in the realm. But division within the ranks of the faithful soon threatens to unbalance the world that young squire Eachann Kimball and his traveling companions hold dear. Loyalty to King, Church, and God are tested as the travelers are forced to acknowledge several uncomfortable truths about the divine privilege with which they have lived their lives, raising but one question: how far is too far to go in pursuit of the Light?

This demo is packed with high fantasy worldbuilding and lots of little details that I had a fun time discovering. It has original art and music, voice acting, and an interesting combat system with timed button presses, plus very solid mapping and dialogue. Its level of customization gave it a different feeling from many other projects I’ve tried and reflected a lot of effort on the dev’s behalf! The demo should take just over an hour to beat if you explore everything.


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