New Party Member and Screenshots!

As I stated in the last blog entry, I’ve been working hard to polish earlier maps and draw new expressions so that I have some nicer in-game screenshots to display on the site. I did finish a handful of those, but before we get to them, I’d like to introduce the fourth party member!


Deliane is 857 years old and has a wind affinity. Those who leave offerings at her tower in the woods say she’s an immortal wind spirit, but that might not be the truth about her. She’s kind and gentle, though sometimes condescending. She has an incurable disease, but it cannot kill her thanks to her regenerative powers. In battle, she dishes out huge magic DPS, equipping orbs which help her concentrate her powers. Be careful, though – while she recovers a bit of HP every turn, her physical defense and agility are lacking.

Now for those new screenshots! Two feature Vera and Shaelon with brand-new expressions on brand-new maps, and one replaces a considerably more boring screenshot I had posted of Doneath earlier.

vera in logan's workshop

shaelon in ivanport

vera in doneath

As for what I’ll be working on for the next update, I…honestly have no idea. I’ll just do whatever I feel inspired to do, I guess. It’s pretty likely that there will be a new character and a new location at the very least, since I’m mostly focusing on graphics and artwork at the moment, but there are no guarantees.


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