An Intro to Jubilee Royale and New Pages

Hello! It’s been just over two months since the last update, and as promised, I have properly fleshed out the site with more information, screenshots, and artwork. It actually looks kind of like a legitimate website now! Exciting stuff. 🙂 But before I get to the new content, I want to talk a bit about the first project that I am developing for Opal Starlight.

Jubilee Royale is a single-player fantasy/romance RPG being developed with the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. It follows the story of Cybil, a 19-year-old princess of Lyndith whose life changes forever when her kingdom’s capital is attacked by a mysterious cult. Their leader, Cassius Dromir, transports the Lyndish capital to an alternate plane of reality using unrecognizable magic. Cybil escapes his spell and finds herself stuck in the real world, where nobody recognizes her as a princess and Lyndith was apparently never formed. One of the few people who comes to believe her story is the blacksmith’s apprentice Vera, who is obsessed with the idea of taking Dromir down. With the help of an eventual six other party members, Cybil and Vera must restore Lyndith back to normal and stop Dromir from achieving his goals, whatever they might be.

As far as features go, Jubilee Royale has turn-based battles, putting the focus on strategy rather than quick thinking. One major aspect of combat is the Team Technique system: as two characters become closer to one another, they can spend TP to execute powerful co-op attacks. There will also be equipment and potion crafting. Jubilee Royale has a linear story with a strong focus on character development and interaction. There will be optional side conversations available throughout the game which provide more insight into the characters’ personalities and relationships. I am parallax mapping much of the game to ensure that the maps look natural and detailed, and I’m drawing original portraits for all major characters.

That should do it for the basic premise and features of the game. As for the site itself, I’ve added a whole slew of new pages over the last while, which you can check out by exploring that navbar right up there. Of particular interest might be the main Jubilee Royale page (which has basic information and screenshots), the Features page (which explains the features listed above in greater depth), and the Characters page (which introduces you to the key players of JR – three party members for now, but this will soon expand). Also, please consider reading the Opal Starlight Supports page to learn about awesome projects that I think deserve more attention. The Credits page contains a list of creators whose resources have been used on this website and in my games. Lastly, you can now use the Contact page to get in touch with me, if you need to do that for any reason.

One thing that I realize this website desperately needs more of is screenshots which feature dialogue and character portraits. As it stands, there is only a single screenshot like that available on the main Jubilee Royale page, which is definitely not enough. While I could use what I’ve completed so far to make placeholder screenshots of characters talking in areas where they will not actually appear, I’ve decided against doing that. Instead, I’m working hard to polish some of the earlier maps and draw more expressions for the first three party members’ portraits. That way, I can add more screenshots to the website that more accurately represent what you might see in the final version of the game, or at least the way that I envision the final version right now. That’s why, for the time being, some of the screenshots that I have up lack pizzazz. Sorry about that!

There should be fancier-looking screenshots up within a couple of weeks, if everything remains on schedule. I do have a busy week ahead of me assignment-wise, but I’ll try my best with the spare time that I have.


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